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Fuyan Pill Can Take The Place of Antibiotics on Curing Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea, or very painful periods, is an unfortunate reality for many girls and women. Their life and work can be influenced a lot by the disease too, so dysmenorrhea can trouble them a lot. When curing it, antibiotics are the main choice, but for a treatment of dysmenorrhea, is there any medicine can take the place of antibiotics? Yes, that is Fuyan Pill.

In the procedure of curing dysmenorrhea, if antibiotics are used, women should know the importance of their body defense system, can’t rely on antibiotics too much and ignore the inner function of their bodies, when the quality and quantity of immunoglobulin in their bodies are not enough, cell immune function is reduced or the function and quality of phagocyte are not enough, antibiotics are useless. So even choosing antibiotics, women should try their best to improve the body condition, take all kinds of comprehensive measures and improve the immunity. Antibiotics can’t be taken over one week.

Even though antibiotics can make them feel a little better very soon, we can call it efficient in a short time. But for further treatment, Fuyan Pill is better, it is totally safe and green like food we eat, without any side effect, often patients can be cured within several months, even it may take longer time than antibiotics, but patients will never get the disease again.

Side effects of antibiotics improved the urgency to find a substitute, that is Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM. When compared with antibiotics, TCM has no drug resistance, especially for the treatment of chronic disease like dysmenorrhea, it is a better choice which does no harm to patients and is good for patients. Even taking for a long period of time, TCM can be effective to all kinds of floras, it can not only eliminate the pathogen microbes but also make the blood circulation smooth in the progress of adjusting our bodies, and also all kinds of pain in organs can be eliminated. Therefore, Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM, can take the place of antibiotics when treating dysmenorrhea.

Recipe of Fuyan Pill includes herb medicines from nature, these herb medicines are safe like food, such as red flower, it helps the circulation of blood, often used in herbal cuisines to cure irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. And added with several types of herbs which without any pollution, all features of the medicine are controlled well, Fuyan Pill is safe and reliable, it will not be harmful to spleen and stomach or cause constipation.

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