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Fuyan Pill Is Not Just Herbs

As a type of TCM, Fuyan Pill is made of many herbs, not only one kind or two, there are expensive ones, also cheap ones, for a course, the herbs used can be a big amount, so the cost is not very low. Also the TCM needs to be made into pills in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The final cost of the TCM consists of different kinds of costs, other processing charges and etc.

Dr. Lee used her experience for over 30 years to make Fuyan Pill, she has been actively study genital tract of women, also urinary tract, the TCM was made according to thousands of cases, so it can be effort of her experience for 30 years. This effort got national patent in 2011, so you can treated it a patent medicine. It contains the value of intellectual property.

There are many types of herbs, Fuyan Pill is made of many types of herbs reasonably, the cost prices of these herbs are expensive, like red flower, honeysuckle and pangolin scales, they are used in a big amount, about 1.4 kg in a month, and this is already the amount after concentration, if without concentration, the amount can be over 10kg. Also the TCM was made by Hubei hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, take all the costs in, it is already a big cost.

Also when compared with surgeries, the price for one month is already very reasonable. For patients who had tubes blockage, adenomyosis or endometriosis, before, during and after surgeries, the cost can be more than 5000RMB, which is more than one month’s cost of Fuyan Pill. Again, after surgeries, complications, side effect or getting the disease can’t be made sure of, let alone the time be delayed for patients and the cost of check again after surgeries, so put all the costs together, that is more than 5000RMB.

So if patients want to be cured totally from the origin, if they don’t want to suffer the disease again in the future, if they don’t want to have any wound or side effect or drug resistance, if they want to find a definately green and safe TCM, if they want to be healthy again soon within several months, if they have good habit and life style which is healthy to prevent disease from coming again, Fuyan Pill can be the best choice.

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