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Fuyan Pill Is Safe and Really Works to Gynecological Diseases

Fuyan Pill is made of herbs in natural, these herbs can be foods also, like red flower, it can make the circulation of your blood smooth, and it is used in many medical diets to cure women’s irregular period or dysmenorrheal. The cold, hot, warm, cool properties of the TCM are controlled well by several types of unpolluted herbs, so you can trust its safety, spleen and stomach won’t be hurt by cool or cold property, neither will constipation caused by warm or hot property. Also during the transportation, the TCM was covered with many packaging to prevent it from being polluted on the way.

Also there are many successful cases of Fuyan Pill on the official website after patients agreed to put their cases, this shows the effectiveness. For patients with no symptom, after being cured there were some remission. Like patients who got dysmenorrheal often, after taking the TCM, with the function of making circulation of blood smoothly, their symptoms of dysmenorrheal were decreased or disappeared. Or some patients who had serious abdominal adhesions and poor peristalsis in guts, they had symptoms like constipation or  abdominal distension, after taking the TCM, these symptoms can be relived or disappeared for the function of clearing away heat and toxic, eliminated edema and adhesion in tissue mucous membranes, made the peristalsis in guts became normal, this cured symptoms like constipation and abdominal pain. All these symptoms don’t relate much to adhesion or blockage of tubes, but after taking the TCM, patients felt much better or cured, so these also show the function of the TCM.

Patients with tube problems often only have symptom as infertility, no other symptoms, so the effect of the treatment can’t be felt by patients normally, only after they feeling much better or getting pregnant can show the effect of the medicine. These diseases can’t be cured b y surgeries or medicines for 100%. Fuyan Pill can eliminate inflammation and improve the environment near to  cervix, if patients don’t have serious symptoms, even though the medicine can’t be effective for 100%,  the success rate of surgeries or test tube can be improved greatly and do no harm.

Here are some diet tips for women with gynecological diseases
1.    Patients with dysmenorrheal can eat more bananas.
2.    Patients have anemia can eat more food with a lot of iron.
3.    Patients have uncomfortable feelings in periods can drink some hot milk with honey.
4.    Patients with mastopathy can eat more wholewheat foods and seaweed.
5.    Patients with tumors can eat more vegetables and fruits with red peel.
6.    Paitents with decreased estrogen can take more Soya Bean Productions.
7.    Mould sex vaginitis can be prevented by eating more garlic.
8.    Patients with cervical cancer can take more folic acid.
9.    Patients with ovarian cancer can eat more food with a lot of calcium.
10.  In order to prevent or cure breast cancer, red wine should be drunk often.

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