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TCM Can Cure Some Gynecological Diseases from Origins, Even It Takes Longer Time Than Western Medicines

Western medicines are effective for acute inflammations, often they can control serious situations and make them decreased. But for chronic inflammation, TCM can be a better choice for curing diseases from the origin, like Fuyan Pill, it can help cure women with gynecological diseases within several months usually. Why is it so effective?

With success of the Nobel Prize winner Tu youyou, Chinese herbal remedy has aroused public's attention again. And Fuyan Pill, as a kind of herbal remedy, has helped thousands of women with many gynecological diseases recover for a long time.

Dr. Lee Xiaoping is the chief TCM physician of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic. With thirty-year experience, high sense of responsibility and serious working style, Dr. Lee has become one of the most renowned herbalist doctors in Hubei Province, China. Depending on the scientific research, Dr. Lee absorbed the essence of the ancient prescription, and summed up Fuyan Pill which has noticeable effects in treating gynecological diseases like vaginitis, cervicitis, tube blockage, endometriosis and etc.

Patients may wonder how long will it take for them being cure by the TCM, right? They are suggested to take 3-4 courses of Fuyan Pill, besides, Tubal scar tissue congestion and adhesion are hard to be cured by it. Commonly patients with vaginitis, cervicitis and etc, if there is no continuing ascending infection, after taking the TCM, patients can  feel much better within 1-2 months, for special patients, they can have mycoplasma change into negative, Chlamydia change into negative or more smooth cervix even the effect of Fuyan Pill may be influenced by their constitution or intestinal tract absorption.

Some patients who have ascending infection caused by pathogens microorganism, this lead to inflammatory changes in tubes and endometrium, not only a big amount of inflammatory stay in tubes cavity and uterine cavity, which cause mucous membranes in tissues lose activity and function. For this kind of patients, the course of treatment is longer, usually within 3-4 courses they can be cured.

For some patients who got  Scar Tissue or hyperplasia, they are suggested to remove scars by surgeries first, after surgeries, they can take Fuyan Pill to consolidate the treatment. Surgery and Fuyan Pill’s combination can make this kind of patients recover sooner, often within 1-2 courses they can be cured, half a year later, it will be the best time to get pregnant. Also taking Fuyan Pill after surgery can increase the pregnant rate.


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