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Is There Any Side Effects of Fuyan Pill?

Even side effect exist in every medicine nearly, but Fuyan Pill contains only totally natural herbs in nature, also made by definitely unpolluted ways, so its side effect is next to nothing which can be ignored for one hundred percent. So you can say it has no side effect.


Fuyan Pill has the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials, also it has functions which similar to antibiotics, like controlling and eliminating bacteria, virus, chlamydia and mycoplasma. But the TCM (Fuyan Pill) is better than antibiotics for without drug resistance, also there won’t be a big scale of breeding for drug resistant strain or decreased drug sensibility, so the TCM can replace antibiotics.

But one thing needs to be mentioned, that is not everyone can use Fuyan Pill. People bellowed can’t use it.

1.  Pregnant women can’t use the TCM, for the circulation of blood is invigorated by it and cause habitual abortion.

2.  Women in lactation can’t take it, for the TCM will enter milk and drunk by babies whose  guts are weak.

3.  Patients with gastric ulcer,  stomach bleeding or haemorrhoid haemorrhage can’t use it, for the function of invigorating the blood circulation can cause more bleeding easily.


Others like patients with common gastritis, they can take Fuyan Pill for several time by reducing the amount they will take every time, like if common people take two bags of the TCM for one day, they can take the two bags medicines for  or 8 times for one day.



The TCM can be drunk by putting in water, try their best to drink all of it, don’t leave anything, but this way can make patients feel more bitter when drinking it, so it is suggested to drink less amount and divide it into more times.

If patients take the TCM in the needed amount, it has no side effect to them, but Fuyan Pill is not suggested to be taken by patients with heart diseases, serious gastric ulcer, anabrosis in guts or abnormal liver function for their special physical condition.

Peculiarities of Fuyan Pill are strong bacteria eliminating function, it can kill all kinds of bacterium and virus about 3 months, also turn Chlamydia, mycoplasma and gonorrhoea into negative. The TCM is an anti-proliferation and anti- fibrosis medicine which can remove obstacles from tubes and reach amazing functions like eliminating pain and adjusting periods!

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