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About the Course of the Treatment of Fuyan Pill

The course of the treatment depends on the severity of the disease, and some of the patients may take longer to recover while some of them take less time. Normally, a course of treatment of fuyan pill includes three months.

Here I want to stress that some lifestyles may prolong your course. For example, patients are not allowed to eat too much seafood when they take the medicine. However, some of the patient will probably do not follow the prescription and they eat whatever they want when their diseases are beginning to become well.

Some of the foods are absolutely forbidden, such tea, alcohol, coffee, copper. And smoking are not allowed neither. 

Also the following may also prolong your course:

1.       Mixed with other TCM

2.       Taking medicine during periods, but you can take if you feel painful or bleed too much

3.       Do no pay attention to personal hygiene

4.       Having sex while you are diagnosed with infectious disease


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