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What's the difference of Fuyan Kang pill and Fuyan pill?

The two drugs of Fuyan Kang pill and Fuyan pill are all treat gynecological diseases. This has caused many patients doubt that how to choose the right medicine. What is the difference between Fuyan kang pill and Fuyan pill? Can the Fuyan kang pill take the place of the Fuyan pill? Then we're coming to show you.

Fuyan pill is a Chinese herbal medicine prescription for the treatment of female reproductive system diseases. It is developed by Dr. Lee who has 30 years of medical knowledge and clinical experience in Wuhan. It has no drug resistance and has significant curative effect. It won the praise of countless patients, and applied for a patent in the patent office, and patent No. is ZL201110031968.7. Fuyan kang pill is the Chinese herbal medicine too. It is national medicine approved by the Chinese Drug Administration Bureau and it is produced by Chinese manufacturers. 
From the component point of view, the main ingredients of Fuyan pill are bupleurum, Poria, Scutellaria, gardenia, Rhizoma Atractylodes, yam, Atractylodes, talcum, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, wood, corydalis, honeysuckle, phulicin and so on, there are total more than 50 kinds of herbal medicinal materials. The ingredients of Fuyan kang pill are Paeonia lactiflora, Rhizoma Smilax glabra, Rhizoma trigoniae, Kawa Ko, zedoary turmeric, Buxus, Gorgon fruit, angelica, Sophora flavescens, Cyperus rosea, Phellodendron chinense, Salvia miltiorrhiza, yam. Obviously, Fuyan pill and Fuyan Kang pill have some ingredients which are the same. But Fuyan pill has used many valuable medicinal materials, such as safflower, peach kernel, honeysuckle, etc. Safflower is well known that it is used for many gynecologic diseases. Peach kernel is especially effective in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and honeysuckle has the function of heat-clearing and detoxicating. 
From the function point of view, Fuyan pill has the functions of heat-clearing and detoxicating, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, strengthening spleen and eliminating dampness. It treats inflammatory diseases of female genital tract, such as common vaginitis, cervicitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic salpingitis, chronic endometritis and treats the complications such as oviduct adhesion, fallopian tube blockage, hydrosalpinx, pelvic effusion, pelvic adhesions, endometrium thickening, adenomyosis, endometriosis and so on. Fuyan kang pill has the functions of clearing away heat and removing dampness, detoxifying and removing stasis, dispersing pain and relieving pain, and it mainly treats vaginitis, chronic annexitis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. The ingredients of Fuyan pill are numerous and valuable, so Fuyan pill is also a lot wider in the scope of treatment. The effect of treatment is also particularly significant, the so-called “High Quality High Price”.
From the purchasing method, Fuyan pill is a proprietary formula, and its formula is confidential, which is Dr. Li's proprietary intellectual property formula.
This prescription has been used for many years and cured countless patients. Only in the Wuhan TCM drlee clinic can we consult and purchase. The formula of Fuyan kang pill is simple, and it can be purchased in major pharmacies.
In clinical use, Dr. Lee will change the patient's prescription on basic of Fuyan pill according to the condition of the disease in order to achieve better therapeutic effect. Fuyan kang pill is a fixed prescription, which is prescribed by doctors. It is usually used in combination with other drugs according to the condition. 
From the view of after-sale service, the Wuhan Dr. Lee Chinese medicine clinic has been accumulated for 30 years. It has achieved good results in treatment of the female reproductive system inflammation, Get approval from a large number of patients. Dr. Lee, a developer of Fuyan pills, is an old Chinese medicine doctor. She is the guarantee of medical treatment. Those who use Fuyan pills can consult Dr. Lee when they encounter any problems during their treatment. Dr. Lee will give you professional answers to help your recover soon.
The two drugs of Fuyan pill and Fuyan kang pill have their own characteristics and different pertinence. Therefore, Fuyan kang pill cannot take the place of Fuyan pill. Patients can consult Dr. Lee to look for the proper medicine according to their own situation. Don't take medicine by yourself, it's better to choose the right medicine according to doctor's advice.

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