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Fuyan Pill, a Pure Herbal Medicine Preparation, Does Not Contain Chemical Composition

Ms. Qiu had symptoms of abdominal pain six months ago, mostly in areas below the belly button. After hospital examination, it was found that Ms. Qiu had pelvic effusion. After half a month of treatment by physiotherapy and western medicine, the re-examination showed that pelvic effusion was 1.1cm (normal value is less than 1.0cm). As the fluid in Ms. Qiu's pelvic cavity has gradually returned to normal, she did not take any more infusion. Instead, she received infrared treatment in the hospital for another half a month. Though over time, her symptoms have improved, she has not been fully cured, and she still has to go to the hospital for physical therapy whenever she has abdominal pain. Unexpectedly, a recent examination appeared to be detection of mycoplasma infection, as well as gastric ulcer.

While Ms. Qiu was in great distress, browsing the web, she stumbled upon a herbal medicine Fuyan Pill that could cure her disease. Therefore, Ms. Qiu left a message on Fuyan Pill's official website, asking the customer service staff a few questions:

Question 1: is Fuyan Pill pure herbal medicine? Does it contain chemical composition?

Solution: Fuyan Pill is pure herbal medicine preparation, formulations include heat-clearing and detoxifying Chinese herbs such as honeysuckle, gardenia, forsythia, etc. It can clear heat and dry dampness, relieve inflammation and detoxify, and can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens that cause gynecological inflammation, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia trachomatis, and mycoplasma urealyticum. The formula is a compatibility of herbal medicines which activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, it includes safflower, peach kernel, trogopterus dung and so on, they can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, as well as eliminate all kinds of pain and discomfort in patients with gynecological diseases, such as lower abdomen and waist pain.

In addition, the rhizoma atractylodis in the formula can supplement and strengthen the spleen, poria cocos can infiltrate and strengthen the spleen, costustoot has the effect of strengthening the spleen. The reasonable combination of various medicinal materials can strengthen spleen, decrease humidity, regulate menstruation, and effectively treat inflammatory symstoms of gynecological diseases. The Fuyan Pill of pure herbal medicine preparation, drawn from nature, is reasonable addition and subtraction on the basis of the ancient formula, it emphasizes on the integrity of the formula excluding any chemical composition.

Question 2: After taking the medicine, will there be any side effects on the stomach, liver and kidney?

Solution: Fuyan Pill is a combination of a variety of herbal medicine, and not inherently antibiotic resistant , its strong bactericidal power, can kill wide a variety of bacteria and viruses in about 3 months, so that mycoplasma, chlamydia, and gonorrhea transform into negative, and it is anti-proliferation as well as anti-fibrosis. And Fuyan Pill won't produce any side effect, nor will it cause damage to gastric function, liver function and kidney function.

However, it should be noted that since the medicine has the effect of promoting blood circulation, patients suffering from severe gastric ulcer, stomach hemorrhage, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and hemorrhoid hemorrhage are recommended to take it under a well-controlled condition to avoid aggravating the bleeding.

Question 3: Why during the treatment, the disease will be repeated, Fuyan Pill can be the ultimate cure?

Answer: the reason why patients can appear illness relapse is very likely that mycoplasma has not turned negative. Because pelvic effusion is mainly caused by infection of inflammation, if inflammation does not go away, phlogistic effusion won't disappear, as a result, the illness is repeated, cannot be eradicated. Therefore, it is recommended that patients should give priority to the treatment of mycoplasma infection.

At the same time, during the treatment, the spouse also needs to do the related physical examination of mycoplasma. If positive results are found, the spouse should also cooperate with the treatment to avoid cross infection.

So far, Fuyan Pill has helped many women get rid of gynecological diseases, especially for patients with mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopian tube blockage. Conservative treatment with traditional Chinese medicine without side effects helped them open up new hope of life. At the same time, we can definitely tell you: Fuyan Pill is a pure herbal medicine preparation, does not contain any chemical composition.

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