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A breakthrough of new immune system trigger on gonorrhea has been made by researches

Gonorrhea, as a sexually transmitted infectious disease, is common throughout the whole world. The incidence of gonorrhea has increased by 3 times each year in Grey-Bruce County. According to the Grey Bruce Health Unit, there were 25 cases of gonorrhea in 2014, a huge jump from the year prior, where there were only six cases. With the increasing rates of gonorrhea, more and more researches on this disease have been undergone. Fortunately, new immune system trigger has been uncovered recently.

According to researchers at the University of Toronto, various bugs that cause diseases ranging from gonorrhea to diarrhea and pneumonia can trigger a reaction from our immune system. New therapies and treatments that use the immune system to fight infections instead of antibiotics will be developed based on this new discovery. It’s really a good news for both gonorrhea experts and patients. It will become a remarkable breakthrough on gonorrhea field.
This breakthrough is made by graduate student Ryan Gaudet who works in the lab of Professor Scott Gray-Owen. He investigates how bacteria are able to invade healthy tissue and evade our otherwise effective immune responses. Besides, neisseria gonorrhoeae that causes gonorrhea is found especially tricky. 
Over the years, antibiotic-resistant superbugs come forth in various countries, which makes gonorrhea a re-emerging problem. Nearly half a million new cases of gonorrhea occur every day, estimated by the World Health Organization. 
There are no signs or symptoms in many people infected, because those bacteria are able to avoid detection of the body by the immune system. However, the immune system will begin to run rapidly if it becomes exposed. In these cases, an overwhelming immune response will be caused. The response will attack not only the bacteria but also surrounding tissue. 
A type of sugar produced by Gram-negative bacteria, called heptose, can trigger an immune response, according to Gaudet's research. Heptose represents a clear signal of bacteria invading. By this means, people infected are able to know this condition and accept treatments timely. 
In all causes of female infertility and uterine scarring, gonorrhea occupies a leading position for a long time. If left untreated, more serious condition will be caused. The treatments on gonorrhea generally include antibiotics and herbal medicine. As we all known, antibiotics can’t relieve all the symptoms and may cause drug resistance. Thus, herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill which is made from herbs without any side effects and drug resistance may be a good option. However, through Gaudet’s research, more effective therapies and treatments will be developed in the future absolutely. This will help more people get cure completely.

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