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Thick Endometrium Treatment Options

Thick endometrium is a common gynegological disease, it is generally caused by endometritis and hormone factors. Typical symptoms of thick endometrium is irregular menses, especially heavy menstruation. Thick endometrium can occur on women at manopause, and also on young girls who have just have their menses started. What are thick endometrium treatment options? What is the best treatment for thick endometrium? How about herbal remedy for thick endometrium?


There are three types of common thick endometrium treatment:

1 Antibiotics with hormone pills

Because the development of thick endometrium is relative to hormone, antibiotics and hormone pills are always used for treating this condition. Hormone pills is critical in this treatment method. Clinically, pills are required during the endometrium is growing, endometrium sheds when the pills are stopped.

However, exogenous hormone supply brings side effect to endocrine system. Patients treated with this methods for long have a higher chance to have endometrium cancer. This is never going to be a radical or complete treatment for such a disease.


2 Dilatation and Curettage (D. and C.)

The advantage of this treatment is stopping bleeding rapidly. Irregular bleeding is the typical symptom of thick endometrium sufferers, D. and C. can clear the abnormal endometrium. After the shedding, it grows again in another cycle normally. This is like a artificial menstruation, no more bleeding occurs after it.

The other advantage of it is that it can diagnose the property of the disease. Because thick endometrium can be categorized into several types, including simple endometrium hyperplasia, complex endometrium hyperplasia, atypia endometrium hyperplasia. Among these, atypical endometrium hyperplasia is considered to be a post-cancer disease.
Surgical treatment brings huge damage to the patient, thus this is always not suggested to women who haven't delivered yet.


3 Herbal remedy for thick endometrium 

Generally, there is no "thick endometrium" in the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but its typical symptom is irregular bleeding, but it belongs to "metrorrhagia and metrostaxis" as TCM doctors has known. To treat such a condition, herbs are used to stop bleeding, treat abnormal endometrium, and balance the internal secretion. Traditional Chinese medicine "Fuyan Pill" can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and dampness, tonify spleen and stop bleeding. As a herbal remedy for thick endometrium, Fuyan Pill treats thick endometrium and reverse normal menstrual cycle.

According to clinical cases, 3 - 4 months medication is good to treat most patients with this condition. By keeping a good diet and keeping taking the medicine for three to four months, thick endometrium can be treated completely.

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